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The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety is one of the operational tools most frequently used for due diligence and supplier approval. It helps companies to select and qualify their suppliers. Thus, the system reduces the overall costs of the supply chain management and increases the level of safety for customers, suppliers, and consumers. While regarded as a ticket-to-trade, the standard is also a great opportunity to demonstrate your company’s commitment to food safety, quality, and legality, and to work on continual improvement.BRC Certification Milestones includes:

  1.     Establishing a quality management system
  2.     Identifying legal requirements
  3.     Identifying and documenting the specific food safety hazards and the relevant control measures (HACCP         system)
  4.     Identifying the applicable Good Manufacturing Practice/Good Hygiene Practice, including a pest control     programme, equipment and building maintenance programme, housekeeping and cleaning programme, and all the specific standard requirements
  5.     Implement any needed structural improvements

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